GET UP AND MOVE: Total Body Workout for Women

We are always speaking on how important a combination of Cardio and strength training is to meeting a fitness goal. You can do them on different days or you can combine them in the same workout. This total body workout for women is a full body high-intensity interval workout that uses cardio drills to burn excess fat as well as strength training drills to help you tone up and boost your metabolism so that your body continues to work even while you at rest.

We have many total body workouts for women on this site. Try the one below and then click here for more workout routines for women.

Total Body Workout for women

Total Body Workout For Women

The Work out goes something like this.

  1. Jump up for 2 minutes (jump rope optional)
  2. Pull up using the Dip Bar for 30 seconds
  3. Jump up on right leg for 2 minutes
  4. Tricep dip with crunch up using the Dip Bar for 30 seconds
  5. Jump up on left leg for 2 minutes
  6. Push-up using the Dip Bar for 30 seconds
  7. High Knee Jump Up for 2 minutes
  8. Kick up using the Dip Bar for 30 seconds

Take a small break and repeat all 8 drills 2 more times.

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Xoxo KIM