Here is another fun one that I think will really target the muscles of your core with a tad bit of arms and legs for an extra bonus. Try doing this workout on your abdominal/core days since those muscle groups are its main focus. However, if you pump up the cardio  (by running longer or adding intensity intervals) you can do this on your cardio or mixed days.



  1. A weighted Ball (a regular soccer or basketball will work too)
  2. A Stability Ball


  1. Complete each of the exercises for 2 minutes,90 seconds, 60 seconds and 30 seconds (taking 30 seconds off each time you do it). In between  each round do a 1 minute ball plank
  2. After you have done all 4 rounds go on a 5-10 minute run. You can run in doors, or outdoors, or in place. Just get it done. (I did 5 sets of 1 minute HIGH KNEE  running  in my living room since it was just way to cold to go outside for me LOL)
  3. Repeat this entire workout (with all 4 rounds and the run) 2-3 more times.



  1. Ball Plank:  Place your hands on a ball, find your balance while lifting your body off the ground and balancing on the balls of your feet. Try not to have your hips too far up in the air. Your spine should be parallel to the ground
  2. Ball Squat Reaches or Jumps: With your feet placed a little further than hip distance apart and your knees remaining behind your toes, come into squat position (sit your butt all the way back) and touch the floor with the ball. The Jump up (land softly) or Reach up (if you have trouble with your knees) stretching through your finger tips and coming onto your toes.
  3. Ball Pass: Lying on your back with the stability ball in between your feet , use your abdominal muscles to reach up and grab the ball from your feet with your hands. Extend the ball over head and then use your abdominal muscles to grab the ball from your hands with your feet.
  4. Ball Torso Twists:  Sitting down with your feet flat on the ground (you can raise your feet for more intensity), twists the ball to touch down by your hips then twist to the other side to touch down by your other hip.
  5. Ball Hip Lifts: Lying on your back with your feet on the stability ball lift your hips off the ground and back down. Really engage your abdominal muscles to be able to keep your balance.


  1. If you don’t have a ball you can do this exercise without anything at all or you can find other things around the house to substitute for a ball. Just make sure you stay safe.
  2. Finish your workout with a cool down and stretch and make sure you help your muscles be their best by drinking any type of protein shake.


CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF PRINTABLE VERSION OF THIS WORKOUT. Add it to your workout notebook and make sure you PIN IT, Share it, love it… DO IT~!!!!


Have A Ball: A printable Home workout Keep it moving fitness