Have a Super Market Strategy.

A good mood or hunger pains can make a big difference in what you bring home from the grocery store. Both feelings tend to lead to a pile up of unnecessary junk and other impulse buys. And once these items are in your home you may feel obligated to eat them!

Have a plan of attack this week! Write a grocery list and stick with it: even include a few healthful snacks so you don’t feel deprived. Still tempted to stray? Stick to the perimeters of the supermarket (where you’ll find the most whole foods) or bypass the junk entirely with a trip to the farmer’s market. Think about it. Do you notice how when you enter the grocery store, you go right and there are all the fruits, the meats and dairy are in the back, and the fresh breads are to the left. It’s not until you stroll down the ailse that you see the processed crap that clogs ateries.  STAY AWAY!


Via Healthy Monday.