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High Intensity No Equipment Workout

This no equipment workout is a killer. Although I call it “High Intensity” it can be modified for all fitness levels. Push yourself to do as many reps and sets that you can do. If you can’t do as many as I do, that’s okay! Simply write down how many you did and work to improve.

Remember if you have trouble with your knees, do the movements without the jumps. If you have to come on your knees for the push ups at first, FINE. Safety first, do not compromise form.

No Equipment Workout

No Equipment Workout Breakdown

Start off with warm up 30 seconds for each of these exercises.
1. Jogging in place
2. Jumping jacks
3. Jumping lunges
4. Pushups
Try to do the warm up exercise 3 or 4 more times
 Circuit 1
1. 4 slow push ups (10 sec down 10 seconds up)
2. 10 regular push-ups
3. 10 tension rep push-ups (keep elbows slightly bent)
Do this 3 more times

Circuit 2
1. 10 squat jumps
2. Run 20yards (or sprint  in place for 15 seconds)
3.  10 squat jumps
Do it three times

Circuit 3
1. 10 lunges (tension rep pulses )
2. Hold the lunge ten sec
Repeat 3 times
Switch legs do the same thing 4 times total

Circuit 4
1. 10 Half squats
2. Walking lunges 20 yards
3. 10half squats
Do 3 more times

Circuit 5
1. Sprint 20 yards (or in sprint place 15 seconds)
2. 10 Turkish get ups
3. Sprint 20 yards
4. Reverse crunches
Repeat 3more times

Watch what I do…



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