5 Tips to Help You Lose Weight Fast (er) & Keep the Weight Off

For most people, weight loss is not an easy thing. Having worked with many people as a personal trainer and weight loss specialist, I can attest to the fact that trying to lose weight fast (or slow)  might be one of the hardest tasks one might do. However, it’s difficulty is one of the things that makes its payoff much more rewarding. I am not trying to deter your efforts by scaring you from gettings started. In fact, my goal is to do the exact opposite of that. I want to encourage you to keep going because the different weight loss programs that you’ve been doing will pay off if you stay committed to the process. lose weight faster

I understand that the frustration of wanting to give up. You seemingly do all you can to see progress, you’re tired of the struggle and you want to just throw in the towel but suffer no more by using Leptitox.

Don’t….because giving up won’t help you. Your only option is to keep going. Push harder. If you have to cry… Cry!! If you have to scream … Scream!!!  Do whatever you have to do to fuel your momentum to keep moving forward.

The beautiful thing about our bodies is that it adapts to WHATEVER you do or don’t do. Complacency is what kills your progress. If you are constantly moving and challenging yourself you will see change.

Below is a video of 5 tips to help you lose weight fast (er).

and a few of more of my favorite tips are listed as well.

  1. Meal Timing
  2. Eat The Right Amount of Nutrients
  3. Coordinate Your Workouts with What You Eat
  4. Never Go More than 2 Days without Working Out
  5. Eat the Right Amount of Calories

A Few More Weight Loss Tips

  • Drink Enough Water
  • Sound Yourself with Active People: You are the company You Keep
  • Try Shorter Very Intense Workouts Through the day.
  • Respect the Journey You are on   –READ THIS POST

Please comment below to let me know what’s going on in your weight loss journey and the struggles and triumphs you are experiencing.