Have you ever wished that you had a magical wand to make all of the weight loss BS and misinformed “so-called” experts disappear? If only you could zoom directly into what works and skip over the click bait that most of the internet is made up of, figuring out how to lose weight would seem more within your reach.

Between the super-fit obsessed with the gym fitness freak and the born-like-this model on social media, it’s so easy to be distracted and, at times, discouraged, if you are interested in wellness and fat loss we recommend to check the reviews here for the nest fat burner supplement out there. Most of the time it’s not losing weight that’s the problem. It’s staying consistent and continuing the up hill trek when the journey gets tough. We all have had those super productive weeks where we show up at the gym every day, burn crazy calories, and even meal prep. That’s the week when we are most motivated and ready to tackle the journey ahead.

But what about those days when you have no motivation to start or you don’t even know where to start? Figuring out how to lose weight and continue to lose weight becomes difficult at that point. It’s not always as easy working out and eating well. It probably should be… but, it’s not. It takes more than a few upper body workouts or home workouts to lose weight fast.

How To Lose Weight:  The Mental Component

Being successful at any goal requires a mentality that allows you to envision it in order for it to manifest in your life. It’s all about training your mind to train your body. Even if this means extending your goal deadline so that you can focus on your thought process, the commitment to starting here will pay off in the long run with long lasting results.  Below are a few tips to train your mind and separate from the negative before trying to lose weight.

  1. Write down your weight loss goal and post it conspicuously so that you are constantly reminded of it. Under you goal write a few reasons why and also write for whom (yourself, your husband or wife, your children).
  2. Incorporate gratitude meditations into your daily practice.  It’s so true that you have to learn to love yourself where you are at the moment. This doesn’t mean be complacent. It means to love yourself in knowing that you are working towards a better you. (The GrayLovePodcast).
  3. Be on your own journey. Realize before you even start pondering how to lose weight fast that your story is different from anyone else. The girl on the left or right didn’t have a baby, or maybe she did but she doesn’t struggle with food. Hell, maybe she is superwoman with no life at all and you are not. Whatever the case may be, she isn’t you and you are not her. Stop trying to change that.
  4. Adopt the “Today I will do my Best” mantra. That essentially takes a load of pressure off.  It’s a vow to yourself that today you will do your very best. You won’t slack off. You won’t be lazy. You won’t make unrealistic excuses. The key to this is only you and your inner self knows if you are being honest. Your thoughts should be like this: Today’s best may not be as good as yesterday’s best but it was the best I had to day. I gave it all I got. Today’s best might mean you skip the physical workout and do an hour of meditation because the baby was sick and had you up all night or because your body was telling you it’s exhausted. Only you know what today’s best is. Commit to it. And be sure to sure to join a MGB Surgery Webinar so that you can learn more about the best ways to lose weight.

How to Lose Weight: The Workout Component

Though not the only component, physical activity is absolutely a major component of losing weight. Below are some tips to give train your body to be most efficient doing your workouts.

  1. Stay Consistent: It’s hard but keeping the online fitness training  consistent is the only way you will see results.  Our body is so amazing in that it adapts relatively quickly to the exercises that we do. In that same sense, it adapts to the exercise that we don’t do as well. Adopt the “3rd-day” rule and vow to never letting the clock stricks day three without having done a workout.   I recommend working out 5-6 days a week if you are at a plateau or if you have a bigger goal.
  2. Fall in Love with strength training:  This is vital. More muscle will help you lose weight faster. Muscle increases your metabolism so that you can burn more calories when you are not working out. Cardio is great but strength training is EVERYTHING. Do More.
  3. Switch things up: After a while, your body will start to memorize what you are doing and the adaption to your movements will start to slow down and eventually stop. To avoid this, switch up your workout ever so often and visit this online phentermine tablet sales website to get some extra help.  Try adding intervals or intensity or a brand new workout every 2 weeks.
  4. Find Your Base Line Numbers. Before you start a fitness journey figure out your “least-you-can-do” for most if not all exercises that will be part of your journey. So at the beginning find out how many miles you can run, or how many minutes you can stay on the Stairmaster, or how many reps you can do, or how many minutes you can sit in silence during meditation.   Commit to doing at LEAST THAT each time you workout.  Always to challenge yourself to do more as you progress but there will be those days when you just don’t have it in you. On those days commit to your base line because you’ve already proven to yourself that even when you first started this crazy workout journey, you could do that amount. This also great if you are not a planner (like me). When I don’t plan my workouts I know that I have to at least go do 1 hour of stair master because on day 1 that’s what I could do.

How to Lose Weight: The Nutrition Component

    1. Adopt a plant based diet: Aside from your mental wellness, weight loss really does start in the kitchen. Clean out processed foods and junk (or fake) foods will help your body work at its best and burn excess calories, also make sure to look at some special treatments that can also help you lose weight faster.
    2. Know that Healthy Foods Doesn’t always mean Weight loss foods. Know the difference. Read this Article.  Being healthy and losing weight are two different things
    3. Eat Metabolism Boosting foods. Certain foods put your metabolism into over drive. Check this out.
    4. Eat More Fiber and More Protein. They both work to increase your body’s efficiency, help build more muscle and make you feel full. Oh, Don’t fall for the fake “fiber added” marketing scams you see on boxes. Eat real fiber from real plants as they come from the earth
    5.  Eat. Because starving yourself will never help you.

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