If You Don’t Start Exercising Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

The worst feeling in the world is wishing you would have done something after you didn’t do it. Like when summer months sneak upon you and you wish you would’ve worked a little hard during the prior winter months or when you big event has finally arrived and you regret not putting much efforts into your home workouts. All of a sudden you can’t think any reason why you didn’t suck up your excuses and get your workouts done but at that moment of self-conviction, it’s really too late.

If you don't start exercising Now, you'll hate yourself later
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You won’t be able wish away those extra pounds that you’ve packed on in just a few seconds. You won’t be able to squeeze into that cute swimsuit at the blink of  an eye and you definitely won’t be able to snap your fingers to get well after your health has suffered due to lack of physical activity.

The best time to start a new workout routine is now. If for some reason you didn’t do it yesterday or in weeks before, you can’t beat yourself up with disappointment. You have to make a conscious decision to start today and bury your excuses so that months from now you can look back proud.

3Tips To Help You Start Working Out Now.

  1. Discover your bottom line: calculate the amount of time you can workout on your busiest week ever and commit to doing at least that every week
  2. Sign Up for Classes with a Friend: Grab a friend and sign up for classes around your city. Together the two of you can motivate each other to actually make the classes.
  3. Think of things you love and exercise around it:   Almost everything can be adapted to be come a great workout or can be easily altered in a way that adding exercise is easy. If you love shopping, cooking, painting or whatever… add some exercise moves to it.

What are some ways that you psyche yourself up to exercise when you don’t want to?