Interval Training with Active Recovery

The workout for Friday on the December calendar calls for Interval Training with Active Recovery. Active recovery is the time when you are able to catch your breath but you are still doing some kind of exercise like weight lifting, which doesn’t require use of your oxygen. This is a great way to get the most out of your time while working out. You don’t want to just stop and sit down do you? NO! You want to get your workout over with as quickly as possible. So kill two birds with one stone and recover while burning calories.


Here is an interval training drill to try.


50 jumping jacks, 50 high knee jogs , 50 butt kicks. Repeat twice

The Workout: 

2 minutes per exercise: After every 4th exercise
do a 15 pushups & 15 squats  then rest 1 minute


  1. fast football feet (hold one weight out in front of them)
  2. mountain climbers
  3. Plank Jacks (like a jumping jack but on the ground in plank position
  4. Full Sit ups

do a 15 pushups & 15 squats  then rest 1 minute

  1. Jumping lunges
  2. Turkish Get Ups (on mat, one weight in hand, straight arm)
  3. Air Jacks
  4. tricep dip on mat with one leg extended (60 sec per leg)

do a 15 pushups & 15 squats  then rest 1 minute


Repeat these 2 rounds THREE MORE TIMES