How to Start Exercising – A Kick Start Workout

If you are wondering how to start exercising, the simple answer is … just start. Leave your excuses behind and do what you can right now. That’s the easy answer. Most of the time it’s more difficult than that sounds but the hard part of starting a new workout regimen to lose weight fast or to meet any fitness goal is mental.

Nearly all of us have experienced the feeling of being stuck at some point in our lives or our weight loss/fitness journey. This experience is a pertinent part of our growth process. It’s important that your realize that moments such as these are normal so that you won’t allow doubt, fear, and negativity into your life. When you find yourself at a brick wall don’t interpret it as defeat because your reaction to situations when you are down or blindfolded, not knowing which way to go, can greatly impact the outcome

Take time to reflect. Focus on your accomplishments. Dig deep and pull back if you need a break. After you’ve take the necessary break get ready for a big come back and prepare to take action.

How To Start Exercising

The workout below is a Kick Start Work to get you back in the groove of things. Complete it when you’ve had a bad week, take some time off, or when you just haven’t felt like yourself.  It’ll give you the fuel you need to take your foot off the break and continue the road toward your fitness journey.





Kick Start Workout Fitness infographic

Watch Me Do This While  You Workout At Home