KIMfire Moves No 2. Burn calories, Blast Fat, & Boost Energy.

As you know, we are in the midst of a “Fire” workout series. Each week I will post a new workout that will pump up your heart rate, get you sweating, and push you past those weight loss plateaus that many of you are troubled with.  These works outs are designed to burn  the most calories within 25-30 minutes. Below is KIMfire Move Number 2. Don’t forget to write down how long it takes you to do it so that later you can come back challenge yourself to improve your time.

After you warm up and stretch do the following drill.  For your warm up you can run in place for 4-5 minutes or do any cardio move that you love.

180 Degree Squat JUMPS. This is a plyometric drill that fires up your quads and hamstrings while building cardio endurance. If you are having trouble with your knees, simply leave the jump out and you will still feel the burn.  Complete this move for 30 seconds.

Jumping Lunges: If you know me by now, you know that I love these. They are a challenges for all fitness levels and will surely tone up your legs. For an extra challenge, do these with your arms straight up.  If you are new to this or have trouble with your knees, don’t jump in too fast, simply step back in to a lunge one leg at a time. Make sure your knee doesn’t extend over your shoe strings. Do this for 30 seconds.

High Knees: This cardio move will improve your endurance and burn extra calories. Again, leave the jump out if you are having trouble with your knees. Do it for 30 seconds. GO!Speed Skaters 30 seconds. Another cardio drill that engages your core and pumps out gallons of sweat (so it seems on me)

 Football Feet: Quick feet with knees wider than shoulders width apart and knees slightly bent 30 seconts


In between each of the moves above, come down in to plank position and perform PLANK UPS for 1 minute to build core strength.



HERE is KIMfire Move #1 incase you missed it