Okay. Here is the thing… Exercise can become boring if you don’t have fun and spice it up.  I usually make myself stay active by making bets with myself on certain challenges. If I win I might buy myself shoes, an ice cream cone, or take a day off if that’s what will make me happy. This is why I came up with the KIM’s Challenges. Below are the instructions.  I would like for you guys to Share this page on your social networks so that we can challenge our friends and family.  The challenges will be continuously updated and more challenges will be added.  Please write me to let me know what things would interest you more.


  1. Print out (or download to your device. Printing is soo 1999)  the KIM’s CHALLENGE LOG in order to keep up with what challenges you’ve tried and done.  Every time you complete or make an attempt at one. Mark it. (I am still creating the log. check back in a few days for it but you can start your challenge now)
  2. Choose a challenge from the boxes below by clicking on the challenge that interests you. When you click on the challenge. You will see the and description of the challenge, Why you should do it, and the duration of the challenge. It’s always good to have a Time-bound goal so that you can praise yourself when you reach it. If you complete the challenge in the allotted time, you can always take that challenge again. (I’ve been doing the no soda challenge for a few years now.).
  3. Read the descriptions and really take note of why this challenge is important in living a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Make notes on your challenge log of your doubts, fears, or reasons why you want to do this. and while you are during the challenge note any challenges that you face.
  5. Join in the conversation and comment in the comment section of the challenge page that you are doing. Tell us why you love or hate this challenge.
  6.  Log the day and time you complete challenge and download the  KIMf’ CHALLENGE ME BADGE(coming soon) for the challenge you complete and post it to your wall, blog, emails. SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD
  7. Pick another challenge and continue on.