Exercise isn’t the most thrilling thing to do but there are ways to make it fun. One of my favorite things, especially when I am alone, is grab a deck of playing cards and let the deck be my DRILL SARGENT. I assign each suite an area of the body and everytime I pull a card I do an exercise that targets muscles in that area of the body.

TIP: Split the Deck in half so you won’t get bored. Assign each suite a different exercise in each deck. i.e. Deck one a heart (upperbody) would be pushups but in deck two it will be (bicep curls).  make sure  1 joker is in each deck.

Below is a printable workout that you can print to do my favorite card workoutd.  CLICK HERE to download the Printable Version and right click on the picture “save image” to your computer in order to share it with your friends on your social network.  Remember to link back to me on twitter @kim_fitness.