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Lose Leg Fat: Leaner Thighs, Tighter Buns

This is probably the best living room leg workout Period.

I have said it a million times and I will say it again.  You need muscle to reach your weight loss goals.  It’s probably the best way to lose weight fast.  Muscle is that thing that boosts your metabolism so that your body can continue to work and burn fat even when you are just chilling.  You can’t ONLY focus on cardio. You will only get so far.  Most people when they think of gaining muscle, they immediately jump right to the free weights and bench press bars to do  bicep curls or they fall to the floor to do push-ups. That’s all great but if you want to increase your muscles mass more efficiently you must work out legs to lose leg fat and gain muscles too by  incorporating good lower body workouts a 1-2 days out of the week.

Did you know that we have the majority of our muscle mass in the lower parts of our body.  Think about it, the largest muscle in your body (the quadriceps) are on your legs. The hamstring and quads work together to create massive power and can have a large impact on your look and feel (both inner and outer).

What I am trying to say is… LET’s MOVE TOWARD STRONG LEAN LEGS by gaining muscle to lose leg fat.

Below is the break down and VIDEO of one the best leg workouts that you will find. I love it and do it twice a week.  Be sure not to do it on consecutive days because it is a burner. If you pair it with a cardio regimen you can just 1 round instead of 3.

The Best Workout to Lose Leg Fat.

DO 8-12  reps of each execise on EACH LEG.  Don’t do this on consecutive days. Try every other day or 2 days a week.


1. Squat with side kick out each side

Exercise At Home - Lower Body

2. Reverse lunge with knee  lift to chest

3. Runner block lunge with a back kick up

4. Leg lifts with full Circles

5. Clamshells

6. Hip Raises with front leg lifts

7. Cross Body Mountain Climbers with Downward Facing Dogs.




Lose le

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