Lose Ten Inches with Total Body Workouts

Total body workouts are those that work each of your major muscle groups simultaneously. These can be great for not only reducing your workout time but to ensure that you are giving each muscle group the attention it needs to reach its highest potential and achieve a balanced look.

It does not matter what area of your body you are trying to tone; if you have excess body weight you must lose overall body fat before specifically targeting one area of your body. The great thing about total body workouts is that they can combine cardio endurance training with strength training and work to burn fat as well as build muscle.

The following workout was given to two groups of my clients. One group did the workout once a week and worked out each muscle group separately for the remainder of the week.  The other group did the workout 3 times per week on nonconsecutive days. At the end of one month, each participant in the second group lost ten inches or more.  This little experiment is far from being scientific since we didn’t factor in other lifestyle influence that may have affected the results (i.e. eating habits). However, it showed us that total body exercises can be effective if done correctly.

Total Body Workouts Video

Before you begin the workout make sure you drink enough water throughout the day and after your workout make sure you immediately (within 30 minutes) help your muscles recover by drinking protein by mixing it in your water bottle or making a fruit smoothie