Low Impact Exercises to Help You Lose Weight

I am always preaching about the importance of focusing on the exercises that you can do instead of complaining about the exercises you can’t. I stand by my mantra, however, I realize that some people need a more realistic and doable approach to their exercise regimen. They want to complete moves that don’t discourage them with just one look. The truth is that when you feel like you can do something, you are more likely to do it, stick with it, and often times you progress to higher levels. It’s so important, especially when you are new to fitness, to choose a program that  works to slowly build your muscles so that your body adapt to the changes in order to prevent injury.  Because of this I am creating an entire exercise program created with low impact, and effective exercise moves.

It’s dedicated to those who want to lose weight but are not quiet ready for the high impact moves we often times do on this site

Below are 5 Moves Low Impact Moves to add to your daily regimen to build strength and aid in weight loss.




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lose on the lowSingle Leg Balance

  Dumbbell Deadlift

You can do this without weights as well.

Seated Dumbbell shoulder Press

Try this without the weights too


Single Leg Squat


Hammer Curl

You can try on one leg to improve your balance or try it with both feet planted on the ground