Make Time For Exercise

In a world with business meetings, conference calls, school plays, family outings, and an inbox with never-ending e-mails, it’s no wonder people find it difficult to make time to exercise. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends adults participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week and two days of muscle-strengthening activity. That is equivalent to approximately 20 minutes per day. But according to the American College of Sports Medicine, less than two-thirds of adults in the United States get the recommended minimum amount of exercise. If you are  guilty of skimping on exercise, try some of these tips to incorporate fitness into your daily routine along with the latest and best supplements according to

  1. Make Exercise Time Flexible: Split up your workout time to better fit your schedule. If you can only exercise 10 minutes per day during the week, that’s okay. Leave the longer workouts for the weekend to make up for lost time.
  2. Add Workouts To Your Calendar: You should plan your workout for the day just like you map out your work day with business or family events. This allows you to prepare mentally and physically to start and complete the workout of your choice.
  3. Have a Plan B: Prepare for unexpected circumstances by having exercise alternatives available just in case you can’t make your fitness class, the weather forces you to skip your run, the gym closes or whatever the case may be. A home workout that requires no equipment or jogging in place are some examples.
  4. Change Your Way of Thinking: Exercise is no longer an extracurricular activity. With obesity rates continuously rising and chronic diseases at an all-time high, exercise is an investment likened to a retirement account. Think of it as a security blanket that enhances your life now and in the future. Just like you must eat, sleep, and breathe… you must exercise.
  5. Do What You Enjoy: Let’s face it, running or lifting weights for hours at a time is not fun for everyone. Don’t force yourself to do workouts that you hate. This almost guarantees that you won’t stick with the program. Instead, pick an activity that you love and find ways to make it physically  challenging. You can dance, play a group sport, walk the dog or even play with the kids if you’d like.

It is so easy to go an entire day without giving much attention to exercise. With these small modifications on how you view exercise, staying active can be a breeze. Live a longer, healthier life and enjoy the benefits of all of your hard work. Whatever you do, keep it moving.

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