When Your Workout Gets Easier…. Make It Harder (A Kimf Printable)

One the most important things to remember when trying to achieve a fitness or weight loss goal is to always challenge yourself. So many people get discouraged when starting a new workout regimen because it’s “too hard” or it’s “too painful” and while these things make it quite easy to give up; don’t let them. The great thing about exercise is the fact that it works. If you can push past the uncomfortable moments and push past the moment that you want to quit, you will get stronger and when you do get stronger you must continue you to increase the intensity, duration, &/or frequency of your workouts so that you can continuously challenge yourself.

Essentially, exercise should never be “EASY”. Find some way to challenge either your mind, your body, or both. Do things like

  • Interval Training. (i.e. run faster for 2 minutes then slow down for 1 minute)
  • Increase resistance. ( Lift heavier weights when possible but not so heavy that you compromise form).
  • Increase Duration or Intensiy. (Go for a long slow run  OR do some hard sprints for a shorter time)


Whatever you do just pump it up.

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