Your March 2015 Fitness Calendar

This Month will be full of new workouts, LIVE WORKOUTs, and tons of informational content to help you move towards a better you. I am so excited that the end of my pregnancy is nearing and I actually feel so much better than I did in the beginning and middle (Read more on my journey into motherhood). I have been working with my team and a group of fitness professionals to bring your more useful content than ever before. Please remember to comment below or email me with how I can help you achieve your goals and what kind of content you want to see.

New this month is our LIVE WORKOUTs. I created to find away to help more of you reach your goal in an afforable way. It’s only $17 per month (this month $1) and I will be working with TOP fitness trainers around the world, nutritionist, lifestyle coaches etc… to help you and to answer your questions. This is a members only website and a way for me to work closer with those of you who want it.  Don’t worry, there will continue to be tons of free conent on this site if you haven’t decided to join KIMf LIVE yet.  The cool thing about it is you can pause or cancel your membership at any point with no questions asked so PLEASE JOIN NOW.



March 2015 Calender