Master The Strong Arm: An Upper Body Workout

Below is an upper body workout that can be done alone or added to an additional workout for extra intensity. This workout targets your shoulders, chest, back, and arms. While doing this rememebr to focus on conrolling your movements and delivering proper form.  To avoid injury make sure your weighs are not too heavy.

After you warm-up your muscles for about 5 minutes and then strentching for about 3-4 minutes you are going to  do each of the following exercise for 10 repeatitions as shown in the video below. After you finish all 10 exercises (1 circuit) take a small break, grab water, and repeat.

The 10 moves are:

1. Single Arm Bent over Row

Bent Over Row (single Arm)







2. Single Arm Squat Swing

Single Arm Squat Swing - Home workouts for Upper Body







3. Single Arm overhead Press

Single Arm Overhead Press






4. Offset Reverse Lunge

5. Dead Lifts

6. Plank Extensions
7. Front Raises/Lateral Raises
8. Tricep Extensions
9. Squat Jumps with Weights
10. Can Openers


Watch Me Do It