Stop Blaming Calories for Your Slow Weight Loss Progress

I know you’ve heard it many times before, “Weight loss is about the amount of calories you put into your body versus the number of calories you put out” and it’s true if you eat more than you burn you absolutely gain weight. The opposite is true too. If you want to lose weight fast you have consume less than the amount of calories you put out.I’ve even said it myself here in this blog post, when I explain how You Don’t Need To Exercise to Lose weight.

What I failed to explain to you was that when it come to weight loss progress, what and how you eat (as well as how you burn calories) has a big role in determining how much of your food is stored as fat and how much is used as energy and how much is used to keep your bones strong etc…

So for example, if you and I both had the exact same genetic makeup (height, age, weight etc..) and we both burned the same amount of calories more than what we ate and we both ate the exact same amount of calories but your diet was full of proteins, healthy fats, vegetables fruits and grains and my diet was full of low nutrient-densed junk foods, you would probably see better results than I did because our bodies will process those foods differently. You would probably lose weight faster and keep it off in the long run whereas I might not.

How Weight Lose Progress is Affected by Metabolism

This all has everything to do with your body’s metabolism. Metabolism is a chemical process in your body that transforms the food you eat into energy. That energy is used to burn, store or build. The great thing about your metabolism is that JUST Like with exercise, it can be manipulated to make it more effective. The faster your metabolism is, the quicker you will see weight loss progress.

You know how I always say, don’t do the same exercise regimen weekend and week out because your body will eventually adapt and memorize what you do and cause you to reach a stopping point with your progress. The same holds true with your metabolism and what you eat. If you stick to the same way of eating, the same diet, the same boring old meal plans your progress will flat line. It’s important that you keep it guessing and fire your metabolism back up with a way of eating that won’t let it take a day off.

     Below is a meal plan to help you do just that.  It  tricks your metabolism into working more.

CLICK Here or the Photo below to get this 7 day meal plan. You can use whatever recipes you’d like with this meal plan as long as each meal follows the guidelines listed for that day.

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Weight loss Meal Plan

Meal plan for weight loss