Minus 10 Fitness Challenge: Spring in to Action!!!

Spring has finally arrived and I know that some of you are still shoveling snow  but smile in knowing that flowers will bloom sooner than later. Throughout this year we will be doing a series of 6 week fitness challenges to help you stay on track.

This is the start of our 2nd six week challenge. The goal is to shed 10  just in time for summer.  You can challenge yourself to shed 10 pounds or 10 inches.  I will be posting the weekly challenges only to those who are signed up to the site (Link below…It’s Free). You will receive a schedule each week, new KIMf moves, videos and lots more. This challenge will help you shed body fat and tone your trouble areas in a very FUN and challenging way.

Encourage all of your friends to join in on the challenge by posting HASHTAG #MINUS10  on twitter and Facebook (you can use the Facebook comment section below).

and OH!!! send me before and after pictures!!! I will send you a t-shirt.


Weight loss fitness challenge - Free Home workouts

Minus 10 Challenge: Sign-up Here!!!

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