Don’t Fall Victim to Mondays: Do you use “next week” as an Excuse to do less?



It’s supposedly your weekly fresh start. You didn’t deliver last week or you weren’t your best so you convince yourself that you’re allowed to start again Monday. It’s like an unofficial get out of jail free pass. Your inability to do the things that you’re supposed to do goes without punishment because you get to be reborn on Monday. As if the anxiety, fear of failure, complacency, and procrastination that plagued you last week will suddenly dissipate at the stroke of midnight while you were sleeping Sunday.Monday Fitness Motivation

It’s very true that any destination requires a journey and that journey is all most never a straight road. It’s full of twists and turns, ditches, road blocks, and consistent setbacks. You’re allowed to stop and re-start, fall and get back up, extinguish then ignite. These obstacles are where strength is built; they are all a part of your process. The problem is lack of learning during this journey and applying those lessons throughout it.

So, you had a bad health/fitness week  last week. But Why? Your priorities were scrambled and you felt unaccomplished.  What caused it? You threw in the towel and gave up. What sparked it?  It’s not so bad that you stumbled on a less than great week.  We are humans…SH!T happens. But if you want this week to produce different outcomes, make a habit of dissecting your results of your actions last week and do something different to change your ending.

Write down the emotions that made you momentarily feel like failure was your best option. Figure out what sparked those emotions. Think about what decisions were probably not the best and make mental notes of how to make better decisions when similar situation occur. Be proactive. Use what you‘ve know or recently discovered about yourself to take actual steps that benefit you.

Don’t be a victim of Monday because while there will always be a next Monday, you never know if this Monday is your last. Work day in and day out giving your absolute best to whatever it is that you are trying to do; even if  yesterday’s best  was better than today’s best. Use last week’s downfalls to make for a better this week.

This is how your baby steps will actually get you to your goal.


What are some things that your last week taught you that will make your THIS week more successful? For me….. “Kim if you don’t write first thing in the morning, you’ll always find an excuse not to write as the day goes on. I wrote this post this morning as a result YAY ME”