Here is a great Total body workout for beginners that really targets every muscle group in your body. It requires that you hold a light dumbbell while performing the Lunges and Bicep curls. Many people are confused on how to know if their weights are too light or too heavy. Here is a great rule of thumb

 The Right Size Weights In Your Total Body Workout

  1. If you can lift more than 12-15 then the weights are probably a little to light. You need to pump it up to the next size
  2. If you cant quite lift it 8 times then it is WAY to heavy. Pick a lighter weight.

Those recommendation are just for those with a basic fitness regimen trying to lose weight fast or maintain  weight. Total body workouts are perfect for those who want to maximize results with very little time. Building muscle is a sure way to boost your metabolism and should be added to any beginner workout to lose weight.

You also want to make sure you are eating healthy food while trying to shed pounds because no amount of exercise can replace a bad diet.


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