My Personal Fitness/Health Regimen

Many of you have been asking me about my own fitness training regimen to get and stay in shape. I have been very reluctant to share because I want each of you to find what works for YOU. Everyone is different. In fact it took me months of following someone elses regimen only to learn that I was over working myself and my happiness plummeted (I live and thrive off of what makes me happy. My health and my family and my time are at the top of my happiness list). Any-who, I eventually found a regimen that works for me and I will share it with you.

Please use what I do as a guide and motivation to find your own regimen that will help you thrive.

Here is the short version (longer more detailed version below)

  1. Workout 5-6 days a week ( Cardio 2-3 days and weight training 3 days or mix it)
  2. Eat healthy most of the time (80/20 rule)
  3. pray and meditate in the mornings
  4. Eat raw/vegetarian at least once a week
  5. Complete a juice cleanse once a month
  6. Do nothing work related  once a week
  7. Try a new class at least once a month
  8. Drink a hell of a lot of water
  9. Yoga in the mornings (sometimes as part of my meditation) at least once a week
  10. Call my mom everyday.
  11. See the ocean at least twice a year. ( I LOVE THE BEACH)
  12. Organize and clean my house and office once a week. Granted, it returns to a complete MESS before the start of the next week but I still try again each week SMH. This reduces stress for me for some reason.

All of the things I listed above contribute to a happy and healthy me.  Without them my happy level decreases and there is a domino effect of unhappy. I pretty much stick to them.  As you will notice many of them don’t relate to fitness at all but are still a vital part of my health regimen. I believe that when you live and do things that make you smile, you will be better. I will go into detail of a few of those things below.

Here is the long version

  • Workout 5-6 days a week: I have a rule. NEVER GO TWO DAYS Without Working out. I will live and die by that rule.  I usually do
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
45 min Cardio /15 min abs 30 Minutes Upper Body Resistance training / 15 min Cardio 20 minutes Ab work/20 minutes Cardio 30 Minutes Lower Body Resistance training / 15 minutes balance flexibility 45 minutes Cardio/15 minutes ab 30 minutes upper and lower body Resistance training  or yoga NOTHING or a walk in the park with the dogs or boyfriend.

Please keep in mind that this is what I do when I am not training for an event or preparing for a fitness shoot. sometimes  I deviate from this. Notice its basically the same thing that I put in your fitness calendars as far as targeted muscle groups.

Here are a list of things that I never go without during a workout.

  1. My Gymboss timer: it makes my workouts 1,00000 times easier. I ordered like 4 or 5 just in case I lose one or leave it at home. LOL! I have one in my car, gymbag, home, office. Just in case. It makes tracking time effortless. I personally don’t want to think too much about time when I am working out.
  2. My Dip Bar: You may have seen it in a  number of workout videos. I just love it. I even bring it to sessions with clients.  I think I like it because I work my arms and abs with it. Instead of using a bunch of free weights and balls I find a way to use my dip bar.
  3. My Grippads: My hands give me issues when I am working out. It really sucks. I get blisters when I am lifting weights. I also don’t get oxygen to my finger tips at times (a condition called  reynauds). So these gripads make my strength training days much easier.  My mom gave me a pair for Christmas one year and I have been a fan ever since.  They have options for men and women. So I am thinking about buying one for my boyfriend and pray he works out (doubt it).
  • Eat healthy most of the time: I follow the well known rule eat healthy 80% of the time and indulge 20%. Sometimes during holidays or vacation I might do 60/40. The point is I eat healthy most of the time. People always ask me if I ever eat bad. OF COURSE. I am only human. I love pizza, burgers, grease, alcohol, chips, just like the next person. Omg and I love cupcakes. I just know how hard I have worked to get where I am so  I don’t over do it.  For the most part I eat REAL FOOD that isn’t processed.
  • Pray and meditate in the mornings: I am a personal trainer and I am “supposed” to like waking up super early in the mornings. The fact of the matter is. I DON’T.  Naturally (or with my dogs reminders) I would wake up at 7:30 am ANYWAY so am semi pissed if I have to set an alarm to wake me up earlier than that.  It takes away from my happiness. However if I have to wake up for work or for a client I can and will.  Other than that I am not a “workout before the sunrise” kind of girl. I usually just pray and meditate with  cup of coffee when I wake. This is my time to reflect and thank God for everything. I don’t think of me being a later workout persona as a bad thing because I KNOW for a fact that I will workout. Some of you who won’t exercise because of your “busy” lives need to gett your butts up in the mornings and get it over with.
  • Eat raw/vegetarian at least once a week: Here is the thing our bodies NEED more greenery and some of us are known to kill the nutrients out of veggies by cooking it. So at least once a week I go vegetarian. Don’t get me wrong. I love meat. I feel like this one day meatless gives me more energy. I am a full supporter of although I usually go meatless mid week.
  • Complete a juice cleanse once a month: I use a special Juicer called a Vita-mix. I swear if it were a fire. I’d have to pray HARD about if I would take my vita-mix or save my boyfriend (just kidding). I love love love this machine. It’s better than any juicer on the market.  I do a 2-3 day cleanse that I include in the Abs..olutely Sexy for Summer Series.

Let me know if you have any other questions and please check in below to let me know your regimen