A Video of My Natural Birth Labor and Delivery.

On April 10, 2015 I met my son. He was born after 23 hours of intense labor. I was skeptical to post this but I wanted you guys to see that though I thought I was prepared and ready for the challenge of labor, it was extremely hard and just like your fitness journey, at times I wanted to give up. I didn’t think I was strong enough, I just wanted it to end. But with a team of supportive friends and family, I was constantly reminded of my strength and I continued to push through even while I was weak. My body was consumed with physical pain but my mind stayed focus on the end result.   I didn’t quit.   I used the water of the shower to sooth me while I waited for the birthing tub to be ready.

What I Learned From My Natural Birth

What I learned was if you can get past the physical struggle and take your mind and thought process to a different place, your body is capable of doing just about anything. Just Keep Moving.

You are strong.

Love you guys thank you so much for your support throughout my pregnancy.
Please leave any negative comments to yourself.

Natural birth