The Cellulite Workout: Tone Your Thighs & Butt

Getting rid of cellulite is one of those issues that can be confusing because of the plethora of information out there. There is so much false information and quick results tips that many people forget the fundamentals. No matter what the commercials, infomercials, and magazine ads tell you or try to sell you, the only thing you need to get rid of or dramatically reduce your cellulite is a balanced and nutritious diet along side some good ole exercise. This Cellulite workout is a great place to start.

Squats, Kicks  & Lunges are power moves to help you do away with the cellulite. They are used in the cellulite workout below to help you tone your thighs.

The Cellulite Workout

Repeat each exercise 8-12 times and repeat 3 times.