Keep It Moving Fitness is a top workout resource for free workouts at home. Created by trainer Kimberly Fleming (KIMf) from her love of taking the burden out of fitness. These At-home workouts include Ab workout routines for beginners as well as no equipment workouts. Search our library and categories for real workouts that you can do. Forget about the narcissistic trainer trying to show off. These are for people who what to get it done and get on with their day. Workouts for Beginners. . Free Workouts. Workout videos to lose belly fat. weight loss for new moms. Free fitness programs.

Workout With No Equipment

Learn to use your own body weight and things you have at home to burn calories and get your workouts done.

Workouts For Beginners

Keep It Moving Fitness Provides workouts for all fitness levels. If you are just starting out you can find lots to do.

Workout Your ABS

If you are trying to lose belly fat there is tons of workouts for you here.

Nutrition Tips For Everyone

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Learn realistic tips that you can apply to your everyday life.

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Keep it Moving Fitness is NOW uploading new, easy to follow workouts, nutrition tips, and other helpful info for you EVERY DAY. These are the latest 3 posts.
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Workout for inner and outer thighs

Tight & Tone: Inner and Outer Thigh Workout

16 June 2017, Comment are Off
Below  is a quick and straight to the point thigh workout that will help you tone your thighs. As with all strength training workouts. This workout will work to build muscle to help you boost your metabolism and burn fat.  I love my  training my legs because the muscles in the...
At home workouts. Keep It moving Fitness Cardio Leg Moves.

A Lower Body Workout Plus Cardio

Targeting your lower body is powerful way to boost your metabolism and burn more calories faster. This lower body workout is quick and to the point. It gets you heart rate up there, it’s challenging but can be done by any fitness level. Whether you are trying to lose leg...
Get A Flat Stomach

How to Get a Flat Stomach: 6 Full Workouts

13 June 2017, Comment are Off
You probably stumbled upon this page because you’ve seemingly tried everything and you are fed up with the excess belly fat that you carry around. If you were looking for a magic pill or a quick fix, this online workouts platform is not for you.  We pride ourselves with...

No Equipment Workouts

Sometimes you just don't have all of that fancy workout equipment and Other times you'd just rather not spend the money on it... Either way you can still get a good workout in. Try these no equipment workouts.
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PLYO TABATA: A 15 Minute Total Body Workout

12 February 2014, Comment are Off
I always say, “if you want to burn the most calories, add intervals to your workout regimen.” and if you want to burn even more calories and build strength at the same time try some plyometric (plyo) drills. This workout combines the two so you can maximize your...
Tighter Abs Workout

10 Minute Planks For Tighter Abs

13 November 2013, Comment are Off
Aside from  putting REAL and nutritious foods in your body, a sure way to  tighten your abs is to strengthen your core. This short and to the point workout will do just that. It uses planks to build a strong core and when added to your cardio regimen will shed inches off your...
3 moves to lift your butt

3 Moves to Lift Your Butt

31 October 2013, Comment are Off
  Everyone wants a nice butt. One that is toned and sits up right?… Well maybe not everyone but if you do this workout is for you. Not only does this lower body workout lift you butt, it can also help you get rid of cellulite if paired with a good clean eating plan and...

Reduce Cellulite & Tone Your Legs

Your legs will fall in love with these workouts. They target the largest muscle groups in your legs. They lift your but and they will help you reduce the dreaded cellulite.
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High Intensity No Equipment Workout

This workout is a killer. Although I call it “high Intensity” it can be modified for all fitness levels. Push yourself to do as many reps and sets that you can do. If you can’t do as many as I do, that’s okay! Simply write down how many you did and work to...

Move Towards a Sexy Butt & Killer Abs

Most people have a certain part of their body that they want to “fix” when working out and although the ultimate goal should be overall healthy living and optimum fitness, this is perfectly okay. I have noticed that “trouble spots” for most of my clients...

6 Butt Workouts to Tone & Tighten Your Bottom

13 June 2017, Comment are Off
We have combined our top butt workouts to help you tone and tighten your rear. These are full at home workouts because we believe that working out resources should be easily available to everyone. These can be added to different workout programs or done alone. The key to see some...

Tone Your Upper Body & Arms

Try these amazing upper body workouts to lose that arm fat and shape your upper half.
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Arm Exercises for Women

16 June 2017, Comment are Off
Arm workouts are great because they can be done anywhere with discretion. You don’t need a bunch of equipment and you can pretty much do them wherever you are. It can be effective to use an old t-shirt as your workout resistance when doing arm workouts to lose arm fat or...
Alternating Arms - Upper Body Printable Home Workout

Alternating Arms

16 October 2012, Comment are Off
This workout targets your biceps, shoulders, and muscles of your chest. All you will need is a light set of dumbbells. 5 lbs are ideal. I used 8lbs in the pictures and found that they were a bit to heavy during the second round. I recommend that you do this workout 3-4 times if...

A Fun & Effective No Equipment Body Weight Workout

01 May 2017, Comment are Off
Sometimes getting to a gym might be more difficult than you would like.  Maybe the weather has made it impossible or your budget won’t allow it. Whatever the case may be, this is not an excuse to workout; especially if you  are trying to lose belly fat. They key to lasting...

Nutrition Tips & Meal Plans

Learning to Eat Clean is about balancing your life and your diet to make more healthy choices more often. It’s about fueling your body with the good stuff most of the time so that you can enjoy every bite of the pleasure foods when you have them - Here are the lastest nutrition posts. Click the page numbers below them for more.
More Meal Plans and TIps
Healthy refridgerator

A Peak Into My Kitchen… Things I must have for a healthy week!

22 June 2014, Comment are Off
My body and my fitness progress is a direct result of my kitchen and what I put into my body. I thought it would be kind of cool to show you a peak inside my refrigerator. Now, At first you might think that it’s stuffed with fruits and vegetables pouring out. You are...

Components of a Healthy Breakfast

09 January 2014, Comment are Off
I am pretty sure you know that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It’s all we hear on the news and in the media. Just like you probably know that “You should exercise to be healthy and lose weight”… The problem is not IGNORANCE....

2/3 Day Post Holiday Super Cleanse

Christmas has come and gone and I must admit I had a bit TOO much of my favorite treats.  Though they were yummy, I feel like CRAP. It’s as if my body is yelling…KIM WHAT DID YOU GIVE ME.  I feel sluggish, extremely tired, my energy is low. I couldn’t even push...