Today I wanted to find a fun, yet simple way to work my abs. This workout is made up of various plank movements. Planks are ideal for toning more than just your stomach. They are great for your entire trunk area, especially your core (which so happens to help every other area in your body). There are 5 exercises included…

  1. Stable Plank
  2. Hip-Touchdowns
  3. Mountain Climbers
  4. In and out planks
  5. Side planks with twist.

I don’t recommend you do this sequence everyday since your abs and core need to rest just like every other muscle in your body but if you just LOVE to work  your abs, I would pick one of the drills and do it for 5 minutes or less at the end of a normal workout. If you prefer to do abs on specific days for longer periods of time (like me) I would try to do each drill 3-5 times.


Click here for the PRINTABLE PDF version of this exercise.

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