Night Time Planning for DayTime Snacking & Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

You guys were interested in knowing what I ate throughout the day and wanted me to give tips on how you can revamp your day time snacks as well! I must say it is very important that you guys FALL IN LOVE WITH ZIPLOCK BAGGIES or some sort of recyclable  container that you can put your snack in.  HavinLunchtime Snacks Brown Bagg these things handy will make your life so much easier. Planning your meals at night will become a breeze. It’s vital that either at the beginning of the work week or at the end of each night you pack your lunch for the week or for the next day. Temptation is so much easier to resist when you have something better to snack on at your finger tips. You  won’t feel the need to go to the vending machine and waste money on waste if you have your bag full of healthy options. You will be happy with saying no to the office birthday parties when you can chomp on nice LUNA bars which are better than cake if you ask me.

Here are some of my favorite snacks for a busy day on the go(Watch the video below):

  •  Kind Bars
  • LUNA Bars
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Trail Mix (I love Bear Naked)
  • Fresh Fruit
  • A half of a sandwich on sandwich thins (WHOLE WHEAT is always the first ingredient)
  • Sometimes a salad

I know that when you go to the grocery store you are overwhelmed with all the marketing claims and sometimes don’t know what to buy. My number 1 piece of advice for you is to ALWAYS read the nutrition label


**I posted these products because I honestly love them and feel as if they are great additions to any diet. I was not paid or influenced by outside opinions. So try them and let me know if you love them too.