Life is full of celebration, laughs, and yummy food (wings, pizza, hot dogs, and lots of beer are my favorite). Not something most health advocates would brag about but I follow a different set of rules. I believe that you should celebrate those things worth celebrating because WHATS LIFE IF YOU DON’T LIVE IT!!!! RIGHT? Why not order some pizza delivery every once in a while? Life is meant to be enjoyed, you just have to be careful not to tip the balance to far, and that goes both ways as far as I’m concerned. With that being said, it doesn’t have to be a whole cheat day. You could be doing fun workouts before and after a party just the same, and these can help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

What matters most is your ability to bounce back from occasional gluttony. Usually, the days following heavy celebration leaves me feeling a bit yucky and in need of a total body cleanse. The following are few things I do to get my body feeling back to its healthy hydrated state.

  1. Drink 2  eight ounce glasses of pure coconut water – one in the morning and one at night
  2. Drink  ____ oz (your body weight divided by two) of water each day.
  3. Go completely vegetarian/vegan for 2-3 days post party week.
  4. complete 4-5 toning workouts
  5. Get plenty of sleep

Below is a workout that  I use to challenge myself the week following a long night of partying. CLICK HERE to get the printable pdf version of this workout.

Challenge yourself to get this workout done in its entirety 4-5 days this week.

Fun Workouts To Try

Post Party Toning Workout

How do you usually cleanse your body after a night of celebrating?