Post ThanksGiving 3 Day Diet Challenge

For the past few days you probably over indulged on turkey, dressing, sweet potato pies, and all of the other things that make the Thanksgiving holiday special. If you were anything like me, you slept in and helped yourself to an extra cup of coffee. Aside from all of the walking you did around the malls for Black Friday, you probably didn’t get much exercise in either.  Family, Friends, Fun, and food forced you to put your focus on healthy eating and healthy living on pause temporarily and that is OKAY…. as long as you realize that you have to bounce back (read these 4 tips on how to bounce back).

All of the yummy holiday food has increased the amount of acid in your body. e)Too much acid can cause distress signal which leads to everything from runny nose to cancer (and everything in between). My challenge to you is to rid your body from some of that acid, is i important that you visit a health professional like those from Boise ENT to get all the advices of how to keep you health in a good balance and then for 3 days try to tip the pH scale from acid to more alkaline..


  1.  Adopt a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet: Go without any meat. If you want to X out all animal products (i.e. eggs, milk, Cheese) kudos to you. Excess animal protein and fat can clog your cells, blood stream, and your colon. This will cause you to absorb even less nutrition from food.
  2. Try eating all RAW foods: that means don’t cook it. Did you know that when you cook foods, you reduce the vitamins and mineral value?
  3. Hydrate with Water:  Everyone should be consuming half of their body weight in ounces of pure water each day. (i.e. a 100 pound person should be drinking 50 ounces of water per day)
  4. GO DARK: In addition to your fruits and veggies, overdose on the dark green leafy veggies like kale, spinach, chard etc… Your body will love you for it.

It’s just three days. If you want to shoot for an entire week or month GO FOR IT. If not.. fine. Three days to bring your body back from that Thanksgiving break.  Remember, you are what you eat. So… be vibrant, full of energy, be great.

Let me know how you did.