Shop ‘Til You Drop… Calories!

With Christmas right around the corner, the race to finish your Holiday shopping has officially begun. You might find it hard to make it to the gym but you can turn a few hours at the mall into a calorie burning sweat session. According to fitness experts, a person around 150 pounds can burn about 500 calories in three hours of shopping. During the next few days of holiday shopping, get the most out of your time at the mall by implementing these tips.

Get Rid of Parking Lot Stress

Instead of spending countless minutes searching for the parking spot near the door, park as far as possible from the mall to start burning calories before you even step foot in the mall. Speaking of steps add a pedometer to your shopping list and challenge yourself to get in 10000 steps a day. You will be surprised at how many steps you can get in.  

Take the Stairs

Go out of your way to avoid escalators and elevators at the mall. Taking the stairs can make a big difference when trying to burn extra calories at the mall. Researchers say that 7 minutes of stair climbing daily can protect your heart. If you really are trying to burn calories, each time you see a flight of stairs at the mall, try walking to the top of the stairs, back down again, and back up to the store of your choice. All it will cost you is a little more time.

Make the Mall a Maze

One cool thing to do at the mall is to avoid consecutively going in to stores that are next to or near each other. Visit one store and walk to the other end of the mall to visit another store then come back to the opposite end to visit the next store. You heart rate will surely get pumped after that.

Bicep Bag Curls

Shopping bags can be great for resistance training. Use them to do bicep curls as you are walking through the mall. Try 8-15 bicep curls then take small breaks while you continue to walk and repeat. Remember to engage your abs the entire time you are walking.

Steer Clear of the Food Court

Never go to the mall hungry. The smells of fresh cinnamon buns and holiday cookies are hard to resist. Don’t tempt yourself. Make a healthy lunch at home before you leave for the mall. You can even pack healthy snacks, like nuts or fruit, in your bag to help avoid a food court raid. Pack a bottle of water to keep you hydrated. If the mall coffee shop is just too hard to resist, avoid the holiday drinks that they advertise. Gingerbread and pumpkin spice lattes may sound great but they are loaded with empty calories. Instead, choose a regular coffee, skim latte, or even some tea.

Adding a little exercise to your mall experience can improve your mood by keeping your activity level from waning during the holidays. You’ll leave the mall refreshed and happy that you kept your health on the top of your holiday list. I still encourage you to get a regular workout in everyday during the holiday shopping season. Tweet me @Kim_fitness to let me know how you did during your mall workout