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Shoulder Workouts and Shoulder Exercises To Increase Strength

Building insane shoulder strength is not just for those yogi’s and their downward facing dog. Shoulder workouts should be done frequently to ensure that your upper body is able to function and do everyday activities like picking up your child, caring the groceries in the house, or even raising your arm to say hi.

Below is a shoulder workout to help you start the journey of stronger arms. I recommend you add this workout or any of the shoulder workouts below to your weekly workout routine.  This will help increase shoulder flexion, increase the joint range of motion and build overall upper body strength.

Shoulder workouts


Shoulder Exercises to Improve Shoulder Strength

  1. Fly Ways
  2. Upright Rows
  3. Front Raise
  4. Arm Rotations
  5. Arm Reaches
  6. Lateral Raise


More to Help You Build Shoulder Strength

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