When I was thinking of good ab workouts to do at home this morning I wanted to do something that didn’t involve too many exercises or too many rules. I came up with the workout below to work abs and turns out its one of the best ab workouts I’ve done.

Before you do any workouts that Work  Abs Make sure you are

  1. Eating a healthy and clean diet
  2. Incorporating strength Training into you workout regimen
  3. Tracking your progress

The three moves involved in this printable workout  works your lower abdominal muscles, your upper abdominal muscles and I felt my lower back getting a good workout too Which is great to increase core strength.


Complete each move 10 times and take a 10-20 second break. Then complete each move 10 times again. Do this until you’ve done each move 100 times.

If you want to raise the number to 200 or lower it to 50. DO IT WHAT WORKS AND CHALLENGES YOU.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF PRINTABLE  and don’t forget to comment in the Facebook section below.

Free Ab Printable Workout


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