Want to find a way to burn lots of calories in minimum time and boost your metabolism too! Sprints are the way to go. Don’t let the word “sprint” scare you. When I say sprint, what I really mean is find that level of running that is beyond your comfort zone and push through it. For some that may be close to a walk or jog and for others it might be at speeds that qualify for the Olympics. Whatever the case maybe, find your definition of a Sprint and get to it.

You can complete these sprints at a place most convenient to you. Although most of you will choose outside or the treadmill, sprints can be done using stairs, on a bike, the elliptical or even swimming. The key is to push it out of your comfort zone for a few seconds before catching your breath.

Here is what you do: Before you start your sprints, make sure you warm up with a walk or slow jog for about 5 minutes

  1. Sprint for 30 seconds: As hard as you can and makes sure you focus on your breath.
  2. Slow Jog 2 minutes: Here is when you have a chance to regroup. If you are outside, this is when you run back to the point where you started. Be sure not to walk. You don’t want your heart wait to halt. As soon as the clock reaches the 2 minute mark, SPRINT AGAIN.

Repeat this sequence for 30 minutes. You will surely work your body to the max and push past those weight loss plateaus that we all dread. Comment to let me know how you did.