The best time to prepare for summer legs is now. Toned legs from workouts that reduce cellulite  should be on everyone’s fitness goal list. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know how to tone your legs. That is why we created this 7 day Summer Legs Challenge. It is full of workouts that will help you lose leg fat, define your legs, and get on with your day.

The Summer Legs Challenge is supposed to last for 7 days to help you focus on your lower body but, of course you already know that, you can not magically workout your legs without committing to the process and feeding your body with nutritious foods. If you are just now starting out in fitness, we recommend you add this challenge to another beginner workout to lose weight.

If you have been in the Keep It Moving Fitness workout community for a while, we encourage you to dive right in and challenge yourself to this 7 days dedicated to your legs.

Here are the 7 Day  Summer Legs Challenge Rules

Summer Legs Challenge Nutrition Rules 

  1. Drink 2.5 liters or more of Water each day.  (Aim for a gallon if you can)
  2. No Sodas At All (but Sparkling water will do great)
  3. No Fast Food At All
  4.  You Must Eat Something Green With Every Meal each day
  5.  If you have Meat or Fish, it must be a smaller portion than veggies. Make Veggies your Main dish


Summer Legs Challenge Workouts Rules.

  1.  Do this 5 Minute Leg and Butt Workout  Each Day This Week (7 days total)
  2.  Run/Walk/Jog 7 Miles this week. I don’t care how you split it up. Try 1 mile per day or however you want to divide it.   Try this Treadmill Workout.
  3.  Do this  Seated Leg Workout on 2 nonconsecutive days.
  4.  Do this Lose Leg Fat workout on 2 different nonconsecutive days.


These leg workouts are burners but give it your best shot. The most important thing is to practice good form. If you feel you are doing it wrong, stop and take a break. Always protect your knees by keeping your knees behind your big toe when doing lunges. Remember there is no magic potion to losing leg fat. You must commit and challenge yourself. These challenges just help with making it fun.

7 Day Summer Legs Challenge