Thank Goodness.. FRIDAY is here

The weeks days really run together when you are burning calories. Right? I am sooooo….. happy that today  is Friday. I usually reduce my work loads on the weekend and try to fit some fun in. This weekend I can’t seem to pull myself away. I am working so hard on the Abs…olutely Sexy for summer Digital plan that is going to be released next weekend. You all asked for it and I am so happy to finally give it to you.


I hope you saw your fitness calendar today! It’s FIT FREAK FRIDAY. You were supposed to go on a 10 minute walk or jog early this morning and tonight. Did you do you it this morning? It’s not too late. I would love for you all to Tweet me @kim_fitness to let me know how you did? DON”T FORGET TO HASH TAG IT #kimfitness    — Continue reading below for your workout WOW! (Work on Weekends) Challenge..



Both saturday and Sunday I want you to do the video below at home in your living room. Its only 15 minutes and I know you can do it. Even if it takes you longer than 15 minutes… GET IT DONE. I don’t care if you do it in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings. Your challenge is to complete it once on Saturday and once on Sunday.


There is no excuse now. You can do these 30 second drills at home or wherever. complete each drill for 30 seconds and after you’ve done all 8 drills, complete a one minute push up.
Repeat the entire thing 2 more times.

WE CANNOT TAKE WEEKENDS OFF FROM HEALTH & FITNESS. THEY ARE SOO VITAL TO OUR SUCESS. I WOULD RATHER YOUR DAY OFF BE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK THAN ON THE WEEKEND. (remember we are training our minds to train our bodies). Did you know most people gain 1-2 over the weekends. How’s that for throwing your hard work down the drain.

After you ready this I want you to check in via facebook and twitter to let me know you are down for it. #KimfitnessWOW . to let