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The 100 Rep SuperSet: A Total Body Workout

The following workout  is a total body workout; meaning it works your upper body and lower body muscles. It’s an 100 rep superset. In fitness, a superset forces you to alternate between two different exercises at a rapid pace without compromising form. You can choose to use two exercise moves from the same muscle group but for this workout we will use 1 upper body exercise and 1 lower body exercise.

This workout is can be adjusted to any fitness level and can also be added to other workout routines for more intensity.  Each round consist of an lower body move for those trying to lose leg fat and a upper body move for those trying to tone their arms and chest. All of these workouts together work to help shed over all body fat including reducing belly fat.

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  1. One set of light weight dumbbells
  2. Water nearby


Perform Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 100 reps each. You can break up the 100 reps how ever you’d like.

Round 1:

Exercise #1: Basic Squat

Exercise #2: Bicep Curls


Round 2

Exercise #1: Tricep Extensions

Exercise #2: Lunge Jumps

Round 3:

Exercise #1: Chest pulls

Exercise #2: Side Lunges

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