The Misconception of Effects

I know the feeling all too well! You’re down on your luck and nothing is going your way. You blame one bad thing on the previous bad thing that will be to blame for next bad thing. It’s like the domino effect and you can’t seem to stop the bricks from falling.

      You become this pessimistic, glass half empty person that creates twisted cause and effect relationships with scenarios or incidents that aren’t even close to being correlated. For example, it’s raining outside so your car

Cause and Effect of working out

      didn’t start or you couldn’t sleep last night so your alarm didn’t sound or your kids cried so you ate out instead of cooking dinner.


      What about… You woke up late so you couldn’t workout or you ran out of brown rice so you ordered a pizza or you don’t like what you see in the mirror and you choose to do nothing. Do you see where I am going here? It just makes no sense.


      Most of the time, the things that prevent you from doing  what you need to do are not a result of the causes you place before them. They are merely excuses!!! I understand bad days. I understand unplanned incidents. I understand that “effects” by definition is a change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause.

My question to you is are you honestly pairing your current outcome (your effect) with the correct cause or is it just an excuse?

      Did you really skip your workout today because you woke up late? Or did you not want to do it anyway


      Is the rain really the reason why you drove past the gym?


      You’ve been working out for 4 weeks, you see no results and you quit because of it? REALLY?

No Really?…. Ask youself?
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