Healthy Breakfast for Weight loss

It’s important you choose a healthy breakfast for weight loss. Breakfast is the fuel your body receives after a long over night fast of not having anything. You want your body to use the foods that you eat as energy to burn calories and fat. If you starve yourself by skipping breakfast, you body will begin to store fat that it will other burn.  If you aren’t sure what makes good breakfast and how to use breakfast to lose weight fast,  READ HERE about the components of a healthy breakfast.

Your breakfast does not have to be complicated. You can make quick and easy breakfast meals that are healthy.

In the video below I share with you my all time favorite breakfast. It’s quick and literally has everything I need to start my morning . I am not a fan of sugary breakfast and I believe it’s a waste of calories in some ways. My high protein breakfast packs in the nutrients with very minimal calories

A Healthy Breakfast for Weight Loss

healthy breakfast for weight loss