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The Perfect Circuit Training Workout

Implementing a circuit training workout into your weekly workout routines might be the thing to rid you of exercise boredom. These types of workouts are great for burning more muscles in a shorter amount of time and also working every muscle group in your body. A circuit training workout can also help you burn more fat and in many cases, lose weight fast (er).

Circuit Training is a serious of exercises, either strength or cardio, repeated two or three times with minimal rest in between each circuit.

I challenge you to wake up 30 minutes earlier on 3-4 days this week to do this workout. It’s circuit training at its finest and is made up of upper body, lower body and cardio endurance training.

The Perfect Circuit Training Workout

What you need:

  1. A set of light dumbbells or something to use as resistance.

Things to Remember:

  1. Keep your knees behind your toes during the squats and lunges
  2. Switch the cardio move each time you do it just to spice it up a bit
  3. Don’t take more than 30 seconds rest between moves


The Perfect Circuit Training Workout



2 thoughts on “The Perfect Circuit Training Workout”

  1. alondra says:

    I just did this 1 time and im already sweating like crazy !! 😀 yay …
    3 more times to go :] thank you soo much Kim! You are my lifesaver . Keep up the fantastic work ! ^_^

    1. Kimf says:

      OH YEAAA!!!!! Go Alondra…. this reminds me that I need to do this workout next week. Its one of my favs.. I have lots of holiday parties to attend so I need to pump up my fitness.

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