Below are the resources that I feel will best aid you in reaching your weight loss goals. I have personally used all of these products for myself, my family, and my clients to reach short term and long term goals.


(There is no law that says you MUST read them (that was an exaggeration) but I highly recommend them, they have changed my life and the lives of the people I love most. I feel I owe these authors the world)


To Help Your Workout Sessions:

  • Gymboss Interval Timer:   This timer makes my workout 100,000 times easier. It makes for perfect rest periods and pushing my intensity levels up with out much effort. This  will give your workout the discipline and structure necessary to take your workout to the next level.


  • The Ultimate Press Bar:   This is great because many times I don’t want to go to the gym but I want essentially a “gym” like workout. This thing makes strength training easy in my living room ( I take it to parks for clients too). It is The most portable, easily to assemble machine ever. Great for Abs, Chest, Back, Triceps,


To Help You Fuel Your Body + Eat Right

  • Sun Warrior Protein  : An awesome protein that I used for pre – and post workouts. I put it in my smoothies and/or water bottle. It’s great for repairing and building muscles (needed to boost metabolism to help lose weight). I love it especially because its raw & plant based.
  • NATUREBOX:  I thought this program was great when I first heart about it. This company was created to help people eat healthier snacks. For only $19.95 a month they hand pick delicious snacks and send them to you. I  haven’t had a bad month yet. Each month, your box will include 15 to 20 servings across 4 to 6 different NatureBox snacks. The snacks are made from the most wholesome ingredients and will be minimally processed, if at all. All of their snacks or a result of strict quality standards.


TO ADD VARIETY TO YOUR WORKOUT: (sometimes when I am bored or don’t feel like leaving the house, I pop in a dvd that is just as effective as going to a class. I recommend the following DVDs to all of my clients)