Total Body 5 Minute Workout to Reduce Cellulite

I love doing minute drill workouts because the intervals are short and just as my body begins to fatigue and I feel like I want to stop the minute is over. The intervals allow your heart rate to shoot up and the different variety of exercise moves all work together to tone various muscles in your body. The entire workout as I’ve written it below is 12 minutes but you can make it a 5 minute workout by doing only one of the rounds. Do whatever it is that challenges you.


1. a light weight (3-8 pounds is great) 2. water nearby 3. stopwatch or timer

The 12 Minute workout or 5 Minute workout


There are three rounds. Each have 4 moves. Do each move for 1 minutes. Try to do the entire workout a total of 3 times. You can split this workout up throughout the day if that makes it easier.

Round 1

1. Fast Football Feet (with light weight horizontal in hand): with one weight in hand held out in front of you, quickly run in place 2. Elevated Push-ups (modification: perform the push-ups on your knees).  Perform the push up with the weights in hand. 3. Speed skaters. 4. Push up with In/out Jump:

Round 2:

1. SLOW JACKS: Jump out in to a squat and jump up twice. 2. Turkish Get ups: Hold a weight in one hand. Other hand on the ground and stand all the way up. Switch hands at 30 second mark. 3. Air Jacks:  Jump up almost like jumping jack but Arms and feet go out simultaneously 4. Tricep Dip with Leg Extension: Using hands to lift your  hips off the ground. Extend one leg. and dip down making your elbows go straight back. Switch legs after 30 seconds.

Round 3

1. Weighted Squats: With both weights in hand, lifted next to shoulder, squat down and back up. 2. Weighted Surrenders. With weight in both hands and lifted next to shoulders. Start on knees and stand up. (if you have trouble with your knees, maybe start on a couch and stand up instead of going all the way down to the floor) 3. Wide leg jumps. With feet a little further than shoulder width apart. Jump from one side to the other. trying to keep your need above your hip. (beginners leave the jump out and just step to one side) 4. Deadlift Over-Head Press: with knees bent and weights in hand bend down to ground and come back to standing while lifting the weight over your head.   Free Home Workouts and Workout printables