Sometimes it sucks to have to go outside to workout. For me the winter time is tough (because I have raynaud’s disease: a condition where I don’t get oxygen to my finger tips and I can get frost bite easily if I am not careful… more annoying than anything), and the pollen takes over me and my sinuses in the spring. For you it might be a variety of different reasons but that’s no excuse to miss a workout. Although I would prefer outdoor workouts over the gym, when I can’t get out I try to make my indoor workout as fun and effective as I can so I won’t go crazy from treadmill boredom.

This Cardio Trio That I came up with is my favorite thing to do and it’s only 11 minutes (TAKING NO BREAKS AT ALL). It’s designed to make you keep going non stop with the 2 minute time frame used to catch your breath.

Here is what I mean. YOU MUST use your Gymboss timer with this. It makes life so much easier.

  1. The 2 minute round should be done slow (or at a recovery pace).
  2. immediately go to the next machine and do the 1 minute round (a bit faster). You can grab a swig of water while you walk there if you need.
  3. The last machine is the 30 second round.. THIS IS AT YOUR FULL SPEED. (whatever YOUR full speed is that what you do).
  4. then head back to the 2 minute round starting with another machine.

Below is the Picture for this workout. right click and save to your computer so that you can post to facebook and twitter. BUT CLICK HERE FOR THE DOWNLOADABLE PRINTABLE VERSION