You probably already know it by now but if you want to lose weight you need Aerobic training (Cardio), Anaerobic training (strength training),  a healthy diet, and a bit of rest and recovery too. Treadmills are a great tool to have different workout programs right at your fingertips. This treadmill workout takes care of  2 out of 4. It is combines  cardio and strength training to help you burn fat and tone muscles needed to lose weight.

This workout is 35 minutes long and is a challenge for all fitness levels. I recommend you use a stopwatch, smart phone time, or clock that is not apart of the treadmill to make your workout go smoother.

Incorporate Treadmill Push in your Treadmill Weight Loss Plan

The infamous TREADMILL PUSH is a big part of this workout. This skill requires you to turn off your machine and use your body to push the treadmill instead of using the electricity. Because all treadmills are made differently this move may be harder or easier depending on the machine.  Either way lean forward engage your legs and push with your arms to get the treadmill moving for the amount of time listed.

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Treadmill plan to lose weight