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[ Upper Body Workout ] For Your ABS & Core

We all know by now that working out is simply one of those things that we MUST DO. There is no option to it and the challenge comes with finding a way to actually want to do it. Sometimes engaging in the same activity can become monotonous and the effort we put forth can diminish because it. This upper body workout is the exact opposite of that.

I find that creating fun and effective workouts can help take some of the burden away.  I usually find a silly and quirky way to add some variety to my workouts. Aside from keeping your workouts short and to the point, creating games with workouts can help you get through it.

The upper body workout below happened on one of my silly days. I really just wanted to think of something to do that was outside of my usual. It targets your Arms, Chest, Abs, Core, and I even felt my Butt working too. The moves in this workouts are also considered to be among the 4 most important types of exercise.

An Ab And Core Upper Body Workout


Printable Ab UPPER BODY Workout



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