Let’s be real for a moment: Usually when Friday rolls around you are either day dreaming of binge watching your favorite shows while you crash on a couch all weekend, you are trying to find out where the fun is, or you are too busying running errands and checking off chores on your annoying task list. Most of the time fitting in a workout isn’t at the forefront of your mind. That is why we created this weekend fitness challenge.

We realize that you don’t necessarily “want” to ditch your fitness goals on the weekends, especially after staying focus all week, it’s just that you have stuff to do. Life get’s in the way. We get it… and we have to help you find a way around it.  Part of the reason why you probably feel like you haven’t been getting far on your fitness journey is the 10 steps backwards you take between Friday and Sunday. It’s almost like you are starting from scratch every Monday.

It doesn’t matter if your fitness goal is to lose weight fast, gain weight, or figure out how to lose belly fat, your workout routines need to include the weekend to some capacity. You don’t have to spend hours and hours in the gym or working out but try to add some level of physical activity on at least one of those days.

We know you need a day of rest and recovery but we would rather that day be doing the week so that you can train your mind to keep it moving on the weekend.  Below is a weekend fitness challenge to keep your mind and body on the path forward over the weekend. Try to get it done between Friday evening and Sunday evening.

Comment below to let us know how you did and what challenges you faced. 

Weekend Fitness Challenge

First, if you haven’t downloaded this free fitness test. Do it now. Use it to track your progress.

  1. Complete either of these Affirmation + Toning Workouts  (from our sister website) either on Saturday or Sunday before Noon.
  2. Complete 2 or more of these  5 Minute Workouts before the weekend is over (Subscribe to my youtube channel while you are there, It’s free)
  3.  Replace one meal on Saturday and  One meal on Sunday with all veggies. Have at least 1 meal that is Vegan, Raw, and Green. This means No Dairy, No Meat,  All Veggies, No Heat (raw, as in don’t cook it). .. A Nice salad sound good here. or a breakfast smoothie (throw some greens and fruit in a blender and be done)
  4. Complete 1 or more Miles before the weekend is over.  You can swim it, run it, walk it, skip it, jog it, Climb it. Just get it down
  5. Share this blog post with at least one Friend.
  6. and Comment on Facebook  to let me know how you did (Tag me @Kim_fitness )




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