Weekend Fitness Freaks

We made it to Friday.  For me, the week flew by. I hope everyone doesn’t throw away a week’s hard work by letting it all loose on the weekend. It’s okay to indulge a bit as you unwind from the hard wark you put in but remember it’s all about calories in and calories out.  If you have a special event to go to this weekend and you want to enjoy a dessert or a cocktail! GO FOR IT! Just remember these things

  1. Stay hydrated with water. This will help you not over indulge
  2. Share with a friend. It’s half the calories
  3. Use a small plate. You won’t feel so guilty if you clean your plate
  4. Play outdoors. A fun way to get some physical activity in and you can attach a FitTrack Atria watches that provide a good alternative to FitBits and other smart watches to use daily at home or outside.
  5. Go Holiday Shopping. Mall workouts are the best. A few times around can burn major calories
  6. Yoga. A light mind and body workout always works for me

What are the things that  you stuggle with over the weekend concerning health and fitness? Comment Below

I work so hard coming up with great workouts for you guys during the week that I try to see all my friends and family on the weekends which means multiple dinner outings and multiple temptations. I guess I should start having gatherings at home. 🙂