No Motivation? Do This When Your Motivation is Low

Have you ever been in a situation when you feel depleted, with no motivation? When you feel this way do you just give up? Are you wondering how to keep going when you want to stop?  Whether you are trying to stick to your workout routines or maybe it’s a goal unrelated to fitness How do you get past the hump?

Motivation. /ˌmōtəˈvāSHən/

It’s the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

But what happens when you find you have no motivation or when your dose is unusually (or usually) low. It probably means that you have no reason or little reason for action…. so you don’t.

Instead, you sit. And you soak…and in some instances, you beat yourself up for you in action and you open the door for self-pity.

I’ve found that motivation is a big part of reaching your fitness goal (or any goal) BUT it isn’t the only part. While it would great to always have motivation present to push you when you slow down, that is not always the case. Some times the motivation takes a left turn and we continue right. Sometimes the people or the goals that usually push us are not around. Sometimes negativity and doubt creeps in and overshadows motivation causing us to slow down but it if you realize that this and these feelings are part of the entire process you won’t let it over come you.

Know that success (in any goal) is not a straight path. Sometimes you will hit a wall, you might have to back up, you might go in circles, you might even fall down before you continue your journey. It’s okay to feel like you want to quit and when you do feel this way do the following things.

Do This When You Have No Motivation?

  1. Acknowledge the feelings and Accept that they are there. It’s okay to feel that way because you are human.
  2. Take a momentary break if needed and do something different.
  3. Remind yourself of why you started your journey
  4. Act against the forces that are trying to bring your down. If the voices say you’re too lazy to workout. Workout anyway. If the forces say you can eat healthy, eat healthy anyway.