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Some of us spend more time at work than we do at home and because of that we have to be creative with our work hours in order to stay active. I’ve found that it actually makes working out a little more interesting when you can find ways to workout around the office. Abs exercises are easy to do at home an at work.

I came up with fun little ways to work out your abs during your work day. Even if you don’t have the typical office, chair and desk, job… you can still find a place and a corner to get these moves done.

To make sure your day is completely healthy 360, it’s important that you start planning before you get to work. Use the night before your work day to plan what you will do and so that things will go smoothly.

At Work Abs Exercises

The following is a breakdown of how to complete the exercises in the Printable Below.

  1. Torso Twists:  While standing up right at your desk (or in the bathroom stall or in a secret corner) hold your arms out in front of you and clasp your hands together. Twist your middle section completely to the right (don’t move your lower body at all) and then twist completely to the left. Do 100 twists this hour (50 on each side). You can break it down within the hour.
  2. High Knee Kicks: While standing upright, bright your right knee up to your chest. Tap it down to the ground quickly and Kick front and to the side (To work your obliques). Do the same thing with your left knee.  Do 90 kicks before the hour is over. Make sure you do both sides evenly for muscle balance.
  3. Engaging Toe Touches: While Standing upright, engage your abs (meaning clench your stomach muscles they way you would if someone was about to punch you). While your abs are engaged, bend over and touch your toes slowly. Slowly return to the upright position while continuing to engage your abs. Bend over 80 times this hour. If someone asks, just say you dropped something 🙂
  4. Torso Elbow Kiss: You can do this standing or sitting (standing is always better when trying to keep your blood flowing). Place your hands behind your head (Kind of like you would if you are surrendering to the cops) you elbows and forearms should be parallel to the ground.  Bend to the side so that your arms (while remaining behind your head) comes down to your side and your elbows touch (or kiss) the side of your stomach. Do the same thing on the other side. Complete a total of 70 Elbow kisses this hour.
  5. Knee Crunches: While sitting, push your chair up against a wall so that it won’t move. If the chair has arms hold on to the arms. If it doesn’t have arms just hold on to the sides of the chair. Obtain a tight grip and lift your knees (both knees at the same time) upward toward your chest.  You should feel your abs contracting. slowly (with controlled movements) move them back down to the ground and repeat 60 times this hours. This works your lower abs.
  6. Elbow Taps: This is my favorite one for some reason Ha!  While sitting, put your elbows on your knees and hold your head in your hands (kind of like you do when you are bored). Lift your right elbow slightly, bring it across your body, and tap your outer left thigh. Bring it back to start. Do the same thing with the other side. Try 50 of these during hour 6 at work.
  7. Wood Choppers: While standing, (feet shoulder width apart) raise both arms over your head and over your left shoulder. Bring your arms down swiftly toward the left side of your body (as if you are chopping wood).  Do the same thing on the opposite side.  Do 10 sets of 40 wood choppers. When you do 20 on one side and 20 on the other side THAT EQUALS SET 1. after which you must complete 9 more sets.
  8. Desk Planks:  Place your hands on your desk and move your feet back as far as you can and hold for 30 seconds. You can choose to do a regular plank on the floor if your boss doesn’t mind. Hold each plank for 30 seconds but do it 20 times this hour. That’s a total of 600 seconds or 10 minutes this hour. You can choose to do 10 sets of 60-second planks if you want. That is still 10 minutes of planks. JUST GET IT DONE.


ABs exercises at Work



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